Hey, I'm Colm — a designer and developer from Dublin, Ireland. I've been working remotely on web products for 8 years now.

Most recently, I started Plexi — a design tool which was acquired by Marvel, where I then worked on CSS architecture and design systems.

Before that, I worked with Assembla, again on CSS architecture and design systems.

I guess I have a mild obsession with design systems. Also, cooking and guitar shredding.

I'm taking on projects for Nov/Dec, if you got something, shoot me an email.

Stuff I'm really good at

  • Designing and coding beautiful, performant, responsive websites.

  • Designing beautiful visual design systems that a whole team can utilise.

  • Coding performant, robust, scalable front-ends in CSS or React.

  • Improving communication between design and dev teams.


  • HTML / CSS

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  • UI Design

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  • Visual Design

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  • Javascript

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  • Ruby on Rails

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