I’m Colm - a designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I design and build things for the web. Occasionally, I talk about design on Twitter and Quora. I enjoy cooking and guitar shredding. Check out my Dribbble or shoot me an email.

Joined Assembla

I joined Assembla as Lead Designer, where I design cool products and write CSS.

Created Plexi

A design tool for creating clickable prototypes without writing code.

Created CSS Framework

A performant, style-agnostic, open-source CSS framework for every app ever.

Launched Modulz

Modulz is a set of ready-made marketing site templates for startups.

Went Freelance

After four years, I decided I knew it all and ventured out on my own.

Joined Beulah

I started out in print design, at a small design agency in my hometown.

A selection of my writing.

A summary of the decisions I made, the tools I used and the results I achieved while rewriting Assembla's CSS.

A brief introduction to the basic fundamentals of color theory with an example.

I challenge the concept of job titles, exploring the negative effect they can have on productivity.

I outline what goes into designing images for the web, from image content to image optimization.

I emphasise the importance of design process and outline the benefits of a more long-term, iterative approach.

A crash course in product design. I cover topics like wireframing, copywriting, user profiling and more.

A crash course in visual design. I cover concepts like balance, alignment, contrast, proximity and more.