I’m Colm - a designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I design and build things for the web. Occasionally, I tweet about design. I pretend to be intellectual on Quora. I also enjoy cooking and guitar shredding.


Tools and products that I work on in my spare time.


An assortment of ready-made landing page sections to help startups get up and running quicker.

CSS Framework

A collection of reusable CSS utilities for building every project ever. The least opinionated CSS framework.

Design Tool

A browser-based tool for designing clickable prototypes and animations without writing any code.


Recent design work mostly for freelance clients.


A selection of design articles that I've written recently.

Is there a science to picking colors that work well together or is it just subjective?

A brief introduction to the basic fundamentals of color theory.

Don't call me that

I challenge the concept of job titles and question their usefulness, exploring the negative effect they can have on productivity.

How do creatives choose beautiful imagery for websites?

I outline what goes into designing images for the web, from image content to image optimization.

Designers don't solve problems

I emphasise the importance of design process and explain the benefits of taking a more long-term, iterative approach to design.

What are the best resources for learning bleeding-edge web, UI and UX design?

A crash course in designing products for the web. I cover topics like wireframing, copywriting, user profiling and more.

Can visual design be learned?

A crash course in visual design. I cover concepts like balance, alignment, contrast, proximity and more.

About me

A bit about me and how I got here.

Colm lou

I'm Colm Tuite - a designer/developer based in Dublin, Ireland. I'm currently working freelance, from my home just outside the city. That's me above with my girlfriend in Paris last year.

My interest in design pretty much sparked out of nowhere. I took a job at a small print company, found a beat up old Apple mac (one of the translucent, bubble ones) and started playing with Illustrator when things were quiet. Eventually, I'd learned enough to convince the boss man to trust me with some client work.

When I'm not writing code and designing all the things, I'm usually thinking about writing code and designing all the things. Unless I'm playing guitar (not too likely) or sleeping (even less likely).